Raving About ROMWE: Friday Favorites

When shopping for clothes, it’s hard to find quality clothes for a cheap price. There are numerous online retailers that offer clothes starting as low as $1, but how can you know if the products are actually made well? In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on one of these retailers: ROMWE.

(Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored by ROMWE, although if they would like to I’d be up for it!)

For this experiment, I purchased items from almost every category they offered: tops, bottoms, dresses, and home decor. In total I bought 10 items for $42.37 USD, which was more than reasonable to me.

First, I bought this “Ditsy Floral Sweetheart Neck Cami Dress” for $7.52 when it was on sale in one of their “lightning deals”. These lightning deals take a percentage off of the price of certain items, with prices ranging from 89¢ to over $10. At it’s regular price, the dress is listed for $11.95.

This dress looks exactly the same in person as it does on the website, and it is great quality! This dress has become one of my favorite pieces that I own, and it is completely worth the price. If you’ve read my “Less is Floor” post, I’m actually wearing this dress in those photos!

The next items I purchased were the “Scallop Edge Rib Knit Tank Top” and the “V-Notch Thick Strap Ribbed Top“, retailing for 89¢ and $3.57 respectively during the lightning deal. Now, they retail for $5.95 and $7.95.

Both of these items are exactly as they appear on the website, and are great quality for the price as well!

The next two things I purchased were definitely just for fun since they were on sale. The “Leopard Print Shorts” were on sale for $3.57 from their regular $6.95 and the “Cow Pattern Short Sleeve Tee” was on sale for $4.46 from its regular $5.95.

To my surprise, I really liked both of these items. The cow print tee turned out to be dri fit, which was super nice since it wasn’t see through. I also enjoy the shorts, however they do need to be ironed occasionally to prevent wrinkles.

The next items I purchased were from the home decor section. I bought two pillow covers, a “Terrazzo Print Decorative Pillow” and a “Face Print Cushion Cover“, both for $2.66 instead of $2.95.

Both of these pillow covers worked perfectly, and fit my standard throw pillows snugly. They are a little bit see through if you have a darker pillow underneath, however.

The final items I bought were two of the “Flower Print Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains” for $5.36 instead of the regular $5.95. The only downside to this great price is that only one curtain is included, so you end up spending over $10 if you want more than one.

These curtains are exactly the same as they were on the website, and I couldn’t love them more. Since they are sheer they still let in some light, adding a nice atmosphere to the room they are in.

In conclusion, ROMWE is definitely good quality. I would highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for some cheap clothing, shoes, accessories, or home decor.

Hopefully you enjoyed this review of ROMWE and it gave you some insight into their company and products! See you guys soon for another new post!