write the poem

Hey everyone! My apologies for no new post yesterday or 3 (I think?) days ago, I had 18 hours of rehearsal this weekend (yes, seriously) and my body and brain are so tired.

However, I did get something I’m going to start using for future posts: Write the Poem! It has different subjects along with word suggestions to write poems, which is super helpful for coming up with new ideas.

I’m super excited to start using it and posting more content soon, see you then!


for a while

i’ve felt like i’ve been trapped

trapped in a room all alone

surrounded by cameras

on the other side of the wall

are people watching me

watching my every move through the cameras

until refently

i didn’t know how to turn them off

i didn’t know how to escape

but now

the cameras are off

i am free

i can be on the other side of the wall

i am no longer alone

marble walls

marble walls enclose my secrets

my thoughts

my emotions

hidden from everyone but myself

they chip and crack

but they don’t fall down

no matter how hard i try

they are rock solid

whether i want them to be or not

marble walls enclose my secrets

but what if i don’t want them to?

december challenge

For the entire month of December, I’m going to try and challenge myself to post something new on my blog every single day, whether it’s a lengthy travel/lifestyle blog, a photoshoot, or a short poem. I’m also going to do my best to upload a new video on my new YouTube channel every single day.

Today’s post on my blog went up a few hours ago; it’s a short poem I wrote! There is also a new (as well as my first) YouTube video up on my channel! It’s an expansion on my earlier post about dealing with perfectionism and anxiety, as well as a journal with me!

If you’re a blogger or a YouTuber too, I challenge you to try this as well! Of course, missing a few days is completely fine, and I’m only going to be making content I’m happy with. Hopefully I can keep up with this for the whole month!

See you all tomorrow for a new post!